Along with the evolution of society, many alternatives have occurred for teeth tending toward perfection. Among these alternatives we can refer to the dental implant, which now solves cases that otherwise were impossible to solve, allowing restoration of the natural tooth function to over 90%.

For Swiss quality, as well as for a long duration of your work, the doctors of our clinic recommend premium dental implants Straumann, as this is considered the number one implant in the world.


With an experience of over 700 Straumann implants inserted and prosthetized over the last 10 years at Artistic Dent Clinic and monitoring their evolution along this period of time, we can state that Straumann implants have a great price/reliability ratio. The bone in which the implants are inserted loves the titanium alloy they are made of. In many cases, there has been an increase in bone volume around Straumann implants, which gives them much longer stability and longevity.

As any quality thing in this world, Straumann implants cost more than the vast majority of dental implants. In exchange, we can honestly say that, due to the longevity of these implants, this cost is not that high. Briefly: you better make an implant once and for all, rather than change it every 6 years. Thus, in the long run, both the costs and the patients` suffering are lower if Straumann implants are the treatment solution chosen for edentation (lack of teeth).

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