In Romania there are many people who require dental treatments, but for various reasons they do not get to consult the dentist. A very important reason why people do not use the services of a dentist is FEAR, 69% of Romanians said in a study from 2012 that they go to the dentist only when they have problems.


Our intention was to develop a dental clinic where QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM AND THE PATIENT’S PLEASURE to come to the dentist as well as cultivating a special relationship with each of you, our patients would take priority. Thus, the ArtisticDent Clinic was born, the final goal of the ArtisticDent concept.

Dr. Gageanu’s goal is to change the mentality in Romania related to the fear of going to the dentist. Notions such as trust, communication and respect are the foundation of this intention, reinforced by the guarantee of professional and sustainable dental works.



From the time of my studies I wanted my own dental clinic, a clinic where I would feel relaxed and calm as if I were on a permanent vacation and where quality and professionalism would thrive and the patient would come with pleasure to my clinic. I imagined a special and professional team that puts the satisfaction of the needs of each patient first and foremost. I started as a doctor in my mentor’s clinic where I learned almost everything I know today. Thank you, lady doctor! Throughout my careers I have worked with many doctors from whom I have learned many and I am grateful.

But my desire was getting stronger. 2 years ago, I decided to open my own dental practice: I wanted to materialize my dreams and professional goals, and I also knew it would give me freedom from all points of view.

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Although I dreamed on a larger scale, I started with something smaller: I rented an already transformed apartment in a medical cabinet where I am currently working. This is how the ArtisticDent concept was born, “my child”. However, as I am not a person who is satisfied with half the measure, the idea of having my own space, on which to leave my mark and which I would administer according to my concepts and standards did not leave me for a single moment.

And the time came for this ambitious project: I made the action plan, consulted my team, analysed the proposals from the finance and real estate departments, I called my architect, being my first complex case of oral rehabilitation.

Together with my wife and my friend, architect Dan, we started the process forcefully and we are convinced that now that we are on the last hundred meters and everything takes shape that the result will be fantastic.


If you want to get involved in finalizing the latest aspects of this approach and, in addition, be the first beneficiaries of VIP treatments at the ArtisticDent Clinic, you now have the opportunity. We want to offer you all the conditions and comfort that you deserve and that is why we, the ArtisticDent team, have thought of a direct collaboration with you.

We want to offer you customized treatment packages that you will pay in advance from July 23rd to August 31st and from September 1st to October 31st (we will fix the appointments together) to actually benefit from the treatments already paid in the new ArtisticDent Clinic.

So, WE manage to complete this special project, the ArtisticDent Clinic, and YOU benefit from discounts for the dental treatments you will need.

In addition to your financial contribution, you can help us by telling your friends, relatives and colleagues about us, about the ArtisticDent Clinic. You can recommend our site where your relatives can find out more about this project.



Dr. Sorin Gageanu
Dr. Sorin GageanuCo-Fondator/Dentist

Dr. Gageanu is a young doctor of dental medicine with a vast experience in the field, very much involved and dedicated to his profession.

As he met a lot of people who were afraid of going to the dentist, he wished to establish a clinic that would grant people trust, professionalism, quality and relaxation. His passion for music and travel combined with his passion for dental medicine and ArtistcDent Clinic was born, “my child”, as Dr. Gageanu calls it.

He participated in a large number of trainings and congresses, both national and international; he completed a significant number of surgical procedures and, at present, he is the mentor of the Straumann implant system in Romania, and partner with several dental clinics.

Ana-Maria Gageanu
Ana-Maria GageanuCo-Fondator

Ana is Dr. Gageanu’s trusted person, actively involved in starting this wonderful project.

Ana Maria is Dr. Gageanu’s wife and together they form a professional team. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology, having a training in working with people as well as in the Management and preparation of activities.

Dan Adrian Ionescu
Dan Adrian IonescuArhitect

Dan is a young interior designer and visual artist and currently teaches at the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism of Bucharest, Faculty of Interior Architecture. Besides the interior designs, among the representative works for the specific technological direction, there are audio-visual installations, video mapping and scenography projects.

Dan is actively involved in creating the ArtisticDent Clinic, being a very talented and professional man.

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