If you are looking for the best solution, as an experienced dentist I recommend you the Straumann premium implant, the world’s number one in the field of dental implants! This famous Swiss implant is the result of over 30 years of research and it successfully manages to solve all the situations involving teeth replacement: from a single tooth missing to the loss of all teeth.

Applying a Dental Implant

In fact, applying a dental implant means replacing / creating a dental root. I will refer in this article in particular to the case of the absence of a single tooth.

In the case of creating a tooth (dental crown) on the “post” (in the case of natural teeth), we, the doctors, use the dental root as a foundation on which we build a post, and this post is subsequently covered with a dental crown. Think of your tooth as one-storey house: the root = the foundation, the post = the 1st floor and the dental crown = the roof of the house.

If the root is compromised and will be extracted, there will be two possibilities of building the “house” (the tooth):

  1. Performing a dental bridge: think of it as a bridge with two legs. The procedure is as follows: the teeth near the empty space remaining after the extraction are polished, and this dental bridge will be created in the dental laboratory consisting of two legs on the neighbouring teeth and a bridge between them (the roofs of two neighbouring houses supporting an entire house between them).

This technique has been used for a very long time and it still functions very well. Of course it has its disadvantages as well:

  • two neighbouring teeth shall be damaged
  • it cannot be cleaned using dental floss, as the three teeth will be connected to each other
  • in time, between the main part of the bridge and the gum will be created a space that will retain food leftovers
  • in time, neighbouring teeth that take on higher forces than naturally will yield
  • aesthetically it is visible that there are 3 teeth connected to each other
  • higher long-term costs (the bridge will need to be replaced at some point)
  • advantages of the technique:
  • lower costs on short/medium-term
  1. Making a dental implant. This modern technique allows a treatment able to create a tooth as close as possible to the natural appearance. The procedure is the following: in the place where dental root no longer exists, the gum shall be removed, an implant shall be inserted into the underlying bone (the foundation) that will become the artificial root. Dental implants are made of different materials and shapes, but most frequently of titanium and of cylindrical-conical shape. After this surgical procedure, we shall wait for a certain period of time (2-8 months) for the osteo-integration of new roots and the gum to be healed. After this waiting period, a new prosthesis abutment (post) shall be inserted into this new root and the dental crown (the roof) will be made in the laboratory.

The advantages of the technique are as follows:

  • we do not touch neighbouring natural teeth
  • we will have three separated teeth at the end, as it’s natural
  • we can clean the teeth using dental floss and then the area will be much cleaner
  • the neighbouring teeth will receive natural forces for the dental implant to take over the natural force distributed in that area
  • higher aesthetics – the tooth will be seen as a natural tooth
  • lower costs in the long run


  • costs slightly higher on the short term

From our point of view, there are very few clinical cases in which we recommend dental bridge and many cases where we recommend the dental implant.

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Why choose premium quality?

Reliability – Patients’ greatest satisfaction

The Straumann premium implant is produced by a trustworthy Swiss company. A successful presence on the dental implant market over the last 30 years, Straumann has become the absolute leader in the field. The brand official representatives are present in over 60 countries and the efficiency of this system is guaranteed by over 4 million satisfied patients worldwide.

The Guarantee of a ”lifetime” Work

Efficiency and durability is the business card of a Straumann premium implant. Compared with classic implants, with a life span of 3-10 years, Straumann guarantees lifetime functionality. You will receive an international quality guarantee lifetime passport.

Comfort similar to natural teeth

This implant at bone level provides precision and aesthetics. The final result of the implant will look and feel as a natural tooth.

Unique surface, quick result

Straumann is the only company that produces special dental implants, with SLActive bone contact surface, allowing faster and stronger integration with the bone. This aspect contributes to a fast healing process and the anatomical design is the guarantee of an aesthetic result. This type of implant is used in cases where we need to shorten the healing period of the implant into the bone.

Roxolid Stronger than titanium: Roxolid dental implants

A combination of titanium and zirconium roxolide, Roxolid implants are a unique patent of Straumann company and they are extremely resistant to wear. In addition, the SLActive surface provides, besides sustainability, a fast protein solution. Roxolid implants are particularly indicated for significant bone loss. This type of implant is especially used when the bone supply in which the implant is to be inserted is small and we are forced to use an implant with a small diameter and/or small length.

Straumann Implant: an Excellent Choice!

Straumann implants are unique by their way of fixation: gum tissue is not placed above the implant after being anchored into the jaw or mandibular bone. This aspect reduces the healing period and eliminates the need for a second appointment at the dental practitioner for implant unveiling. We apply a local anesthetic into the gum to avoid any discomfort caused by pain. Once the implant placed, bone and gum tissue needs between 2 and 8 months for healing (depending on the complexity of the work).

During this healing time we will do our best to provide the patient with provisional functionality and aesthetics.

Doctor Sorin Gageanu: Mentor of Straumann implant in Romania

To this day, Dr. Sorin Gageanu has inserted and placed more than 400 Straumann implants over the past 5 years with only one failure (the osteointegration did not succeed and the implant has fallen off). The implant of the patient experiencing the failure (she happens to be the doctor’s sister) was extracted, the place was given the time to heal for 5 months, after which another dental implant was applied on which is now placed a beauty of a crown.

Dr. Sorin Gageanu is one of the two mentors of Straumann implant system in Romania, being trained by Straumann company at various conferences abroad and in Romania.

For more information on dental implants, the possibility of undergoing a Straumann Premium implant in Bucharest and other ways you can benefit from a smile to be envied for, we recommend you to contact us to set up a consult.

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