Continuing the tradition started two years before, greening of certain areas in Bucharest and its surroundings, this year we chose to compete with garbage on Bucharest Ring Road and because we are such a small family we need to unite forces with you for a real success.

We know that we are leading a fight against a powerful enemy, it’s difficult and … we are making small steps, but WE WANT a clean environment and to achieve our goal WE SHALL CONTINUE.

We see around us many irregularities that we could stop, but we pass next to them, leaving them on the back of someone else. Let US be the ones who “cure” the environment from garbage, without blaming others or without waiting for people to change. WE ARE THE CHANGE!

But WE are not the only ones living in Bucharest and in this country suffocated by indifference. REMEMBER! Indifference contributes to the degradation of the environment we live in.

Let us be as many as possible participating in achieving DEEDS WORTH FOLLOWING!

We have near us good and beautiful people, our friends, your friends: FocusTeam and BalkaniVet teams.

The event took place with no incidents, in an atmosphere full of energy and good thoughts. Therefore we were able to accomplish our goal. We hope that in the future, as many people as possible will join us for the greening  action with a view to create a healthy environment.

Thanks to all the participants! You were wonderful!

See you next time!

Dr.Sorina Plitea

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