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"Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul".  We always enjoy their unconditional love and their presence in our lives. So we are proud of the quadrupeds of Artistic Dent family - Tora si Maxy, two very sweet, intelligent and extremely affectionate French bulldogs. They are the first to greet us every time we get to the dental practice. And let's not forget Diana's fur ball, our first image director, who makes us smile through the pranks he makes to his master (P.S.: Sorry Diana, but seriously it's cute). The aquarium is a jewel! The little children are [...]




All the flavours of the world gathered in this cup of tea. An infusion of imagination, blended with two teaspoons of happiness, is the medicine for a perfect start of the day. And when you add the care and love it is made with, the taste will definitely become special. Come and see for yourself, let’s chat over a cup of tea. The following flavours make their presence felt and will encourage you to drink the cup of tea in a more than relaxed atmosphere: * hibiscus and blueberry; hibiscus and raspberry; green tea and cranberries; black tea; tea with [...]




What is a quote? Quote is a fragment of a written work, reproduced exactly and usually with the exact indication of the source, in order to reinforce and illustrate an idea or argument, recalled to serve as an EXAMPLE. Our goal is to BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAY, to free your mind of any thoughts and motivate you to choose WELL BEING! This is very important to us, and what we know from the vast experience with our patients is that an optimist patient with a very good mood makes half the work of the medical team. An Arab proverb says, [...]




Have you ever thought you could go to the dentist in pure pleasure? If the answer is negative, then a visit to the Artistic Dent clinic will change your mind. What distinguishes us from the rest of dental clinics is the passion and dedication we treat each of our patients with, the increased attention to your psychological comfort and last but not least, our care for the environment. So our greening actions are open to every person who wants to contribute to a better, cleaner, greener world. We are unique! We are ARTISTIC DENT!




"Read. Only by constant reading your mind will become an endless laboratory of ideas and images." - Mihai Eminescu We are waiting for you to relax and enjoy a good book. In our library you can find carefully selected books that will definitely change the way you think and live.




Riding a bike makes you healthier and happier! “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race” H.G. Wells What is Artistic Bike? Many of our patients may have misunderstood the idea of Artistic Bike concept, believing it was just about riding a bike. Well, in our vision, besides a normal healthy life, it also means a sport-cultural life. It represents a source of both physical and mental health, which has its source in muscular development, increase of cardiac activity, stress reduction and much more. In addition, we are [...]




What is education? Searching in the dictionary you will find a multitude of definitions that are some more interesting than others – it starts from being defined as "the art of forming good skills or develop native skills for virtue of those who have them" (Plato) and ends up with "conscious development of man's biopsychic potential and the formation of a personality type demanded by present conditions and society's perspective." Who do we give it to? Why do we give it? How do we give it? For how long? These are some of the questions that should receive an [...]




Positive energy gained after a workout/competition, moving and training our mind makes us better, healthier and look at the world with different eyes. Don’t waste your time in laziness! Get out there and move it! We are unique! We combine our passion for health and sports (boxing, cycling, running) with our profession, dental practitioners. We are cycling dentists, boxing dentists and running dentists. Where have you ever seen a dentist who also owns a boxing gym in the same dental office? Doctors Sorin Găgeanu and Florin Popastate train each Monday evening in the boxing gym at the [...]




"You can't leave footprints in the sands of time while sitting down", Nelson RockefellerWe encourage, we get involved and challenge you to take part in the various environmental projects of Artistic Dent clinic! We encourage a healthier way of life! We also encourage taking care of nature and, implicitly, of us and our fellows! We are involved in environmental projects and we challenge you to get involved too! Accept the challenge!Some of our environmental projects, along with ArtisticDent clinic patients:1. Together for a cleaner environment! Adunatii Copaceni 2. Get out of the house and do something worth following! 3. For a [...]



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