Straumann-Roxolid dental implant


I am very pleased to introduce you to the latest type of dental implant designed by the well-known manufacturing company of Straumann premium implant: Straumann Roxolid dental implant. This dental implant is made of a titanium and zirconium alloy which confers it two properties superior to any other type of dental implant currently on the market: Mechanical resistance higher than any other alloy makes it a resistant dental implant even at very small dimensions. High osteoconductiveness, which recommends it as a fast dental implant that can be dentured two - three months after its insertion into the bone. There [...]

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Simplicity and efficiency – Straumann Premium Implant


If you are looking for the best solution, as an experienced dentist I recommend you the Straumann premium implant, the world's number one in the field of dental implants! This famous Swiss implant is the result of over 30 years of research and it successfully manages to solve all the situations involving teeth replacement: from a single tooth missing to the loss of all teeth. Applying a Dental Implant In fact, applying a dental implant means replacing / creating a dental root. I will refer in this article in particular to the case of the absence of a single [...]

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Dental implant


A dental implant is a metallic device that is inserted into the alveolar bone thickness in order to replace the root of a missing natural tooth. The dental implant is the treatment recommended for tooth loss and it can provide a support for the entire or partial teeth. This procedure is part of the category of dental prosthesis procedures, but it can also be included in dental aesthetics field. The dental implant can be inserted immediately after the extraction of the ”problematic” tooth or after the extraction site has been cured by a surgical procedure performed by the specialist [...]

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