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Dental pain and its treatment


Endodontics is a specialty of dental medicine that deals with the treatment of pulp or "dental nerve" disorders. The term "endodontics" derives from the Greek language from the words "endo" which means "inside" and "dont" which means tooth. Anatomically, the tooth has a dental crown and one or more dental roots. Inside the tooth we can find the pulp chamber (at the crown level) and the root canal (at the root level). The pulp chamber and the root canal (s) are made up of blood vessels and nervous tissue that ensure the vitality of the tooth. At the time [...]

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Straumann-Roxolid dental implant


I am very pleased to introduce you to the latest type of dental implant designed by the well-known manufacturing company of Straumann premium implant: Straumann Roxolid dental implant. This dental implant is made of a titanium and zirconium alloy which confers it two properties superior to any other type of dental implant currently on the market: Mechanical resistance higher than any other alloy makes it a resistant dental implant even at very small dimensions. High osteoconductiveness, which recommends it as a fast dental implant that can be dentured two - three months after its insertion into the bone. There [...]

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Oro-dental trauma


Oro-dental traumas are unpleasant events that affect an increasing number of people each year. They occur mainly in the upper frontal teeth as the result of not serious traffic accidents, after assault with blunt objects, and as it merely affects the female gender, they may also be caused by domestic accidents or fainting because of nutritional deficiency. What it should be done in case of such an event: First of all, women should not do certain household chores that would involve intense or hard physical effort requiring climbing on chairs, tables, stairs, etc. when they are alone at home. [...]

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Dental bone addition


On the occasion of this article I want to address those of you who have been told at some point that you lacked sufficient bone for a dental implant to be applied in that region. In addition to dental extractions, there are several other reasons why you have lost significant bone volume. I shall mention some of them: Acute, aggressive infections of the tooth in question; Untreated chronic dental infections; Inadvertent and/or aggressive extractions, without paying attention to the adjacent alveolar bone (iatrogen); Accidental traumas; Post-extraction long-term etc. Whatever the reason may have been, at this point, in the [...]

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Children dentistry – the importance of going to the dentist


Because prevention is better and cheaper than cure, visits to the paediatric dentist are preferable to be done for prophylactic purposes. Even at young age (2 years and 6 months), parents should be advised to bring their children to a dental consultation because this is the age of completion of temporary teeth eruption. The control of milk teeth is extremely important, as they can influence the health of the permanent teeth. Ideally, the first visit is to accommodate the child with the pedodontist and the dental practice, not for the the emergency treatment of a dental problem. During the [...]

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Invisible dental device – case presentation


D.C., aged 30, came to our clinic for orthodontic treatment, his main desire being the alignment of frontal teeth with an "invisible" technique. In addition to a slight cramming of frontal teeth, the patient has a 6-year molar edentation - the molar on the left lower side was lost several years before and, in the absence of an implant or creation of a bridge, the space has partially closed. At present time, that space of about 3 mm does not allow for a proper prosthetic solution. In the top right there is a fixed 3-item, well-adapted work to which [...]

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Dental Fillings on frontal teeth


Chipping of a frontal tooth can be a traumatic experience. A beautiful smile is the business card of nice appearance and that is why many people invest in expensive dental treatments. If you have a frontal tooth that has rotten,  fractured or chipped you can fix this situation in several ways. You should remember that each case has its specificity and the treatment can vary from one patient to another - for a personalized solution we recommend to call us for appointment. In most cases, we are able to solve the problem in one visit by performing a dental [...]

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Whitening of non-vital teeth


There are many causes leading to the change of the colour of a non-vital tooth (with no nerve). This happens because of dental trauma or root canal fillings. Whitening of these teeth involves the introduction of a bleaching substance inside the tooth, unlike the vital teeth whitening, where it is applied directly on the teeth. The substance used is based on peroxides that penetrate into the enamel micro-fissures and removes the residues that give the unpleasant colour to the tooth. Whitening of non-vital teeth: Procedure This treatment is performed in several sessions at the dentist's. The first step [...]

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Simplicity and efficiency – Straumann Premium Implant


If you are looking for the best solution, as an experienced dentist I recommend you the Straumann premium implant, the world's number one in the field of dental implants! This famous Swiss implant is the result of over 30 years of research and it successfully manages to solve all the situations involving teeth replacement: from a single tooth missing to the loss of all teeth. Applying a Dental Implant In fact, applying a dental implant means replacing / creating a dental root. I will refer in this article in particular to the case of the absence of a single [...]

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Regular Dental Check-ups: Importance and Utility


Why are regular dental check-ups recommended? I consider there are two main reasons: We are healthier, on the long run It costs much less, on the long run As you well know, there are very few people who never get to a dental office with a problem (emergency-pain, swelling, loose tooth, etc.). Besides these dental emergencies there are also other functional problems: mastication, phonation, aesthetics, etc. The conclusion is that whether WE WANT IT OR NOT we shall get eventually into the dental practice. Hopefully this article will show you that it is much better to go to the [...]

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