March 8th, 2016


There was the end of the 8 days when four special young girls (Mihaela, Diana, Diana, Sorina) accompanied by two nice and bearded gentlemen (Florin and Sorin) wearing the entire treasure of the world in a wicker basket (and I mean no joke by saying treasure) wandering on the streets of Bucharest, offered a flower (I told you it is a sublime and delicate treasure), accompanied by a smile and a spring thought. But here comes the surprise! The gentlemen walking down the boulevard in our direction were the privileged ones. An amalgam of [...]

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Together for a cleaner environment! Adunatii Copaceni


The day of 14th of August 2015 was a memorable day both for Artistic Dent members and for the people who joined us. Why? Because we have succeeded in implementing the first Artistic Green project, namely to bring back to light a beautiful camping area in Adunatii Copaceni. So, young and old, with a smile on our faces (and hearts, obviously), we started creating a strategy for garbage collection, and for all concerned, it was not very few! How to proceed? Where to start? Which way should we go? We agreed on the details: we [...]

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Beginnings – 2015


Lyoness M-term launching Brukental Palace Sibiu ArtisticDent Launch Party Hygienization day for the patients within Lyoness community Make an appointment now!

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