What is a quote? Quote is a fragment of a written work, reproduced exactly and usually with the exact indication of the source, in order to reinforce and illustrate an idea or argument, recalled to serve as an EXAMPLE.

Our goal is to BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAY, to free your mind of any thoughts and motivate you to choose WELL BEING! This is very important to us, and what we know from the vast experience with our patients is that an optimist patient with a very good mood makes half the work of the medical team.

An Arab proverb says, “There are thousand ways to waste a day, but not one to turn it back“. People can change their mood from one moment to another, and this depends on what they are reading at that very moment. That`s why we choose the quotes for you with a lot of love, because we want to see the change in GOOD, and believe us, we do SEE IT shortly after.

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