Sorin Gageanu

Who is Doctor Sorin Gageanu?

I was born on February 3rd, 1984 in Bucharest: thanks Mom and Dad!

Secondary Education

I attended Secondary School at Matei Basarab National College, and in the 7thgrade I came acquainted with Biology, and it was love with at first sight. This may just be the perfect time to thank my teacher Dobra for teaching us such pleasant Biology lessons; it was at that very moment I knew my purpose in life was to become a doctor. Starting with the 7thgrade, I have never considered I could follow a professional path other than Medicine. Until 12th grade I dreamed of becoming an orthopaedic surgeon.

Higher Education

The registration day for the Faculty admission exam found me 100% determined to attend the courses of the Faculty of General Medicine. I went there for registration, and at the General Medicine desk there was such a queue that I would have had to wait 2-3 hours until getting my turn. Fortunately enough, the same building hosted the registration desk for the Faculty of Dentistry, where there only 3-4 persons waiting in line… As I generally do not like waiting, plus my father’s persistence on attending Dental Medicine I chose the shorter “waiting line”. Thanks Dad!

Undoubtedly I made an exceptional choice; this is my life purpose – bring people back the perfect smile, the functionality of mastication and even happiness, in some cases! I was admitted among the first 30% at the Faculty of Dentistry with a score of 142 out of 150 points in Biology, 48 out of 50 points in Physics, 8 out of 50 points in Chemistry. I am saying this only to make you understand the kind of man I am: when I do something, I dedicate myself 100%. In this case, I hadn’t studied anything at all in chemistry.

Professional Influences

Doctor Nicoleta Maru

In my second year at the Faculty, the Head and Neck Anatomy class allowed me to meet an extraordinary professor: Mrs. Dr. Nicoleta Maru. Mrs. Doctor has had, and continues to have a great influence on my professional development as she was my guide through the theoretical part of dentistry. I wholeheartedly thank you for being there! Dr. Nicoleta Maru is like my second mother.


Doctor Iustina Verdes

In my third year of Faculty, Dr. Nicoleta Maru introduced me to Dr. Iustina Verdeş, probably the most important human being in this world for me, naturally from the professional point of view. I started working at the clinic of this wonderful lady doctor from the middle of my third academic year and until graduation: at first as a dental assistant and later on as a dental hygienist. This is the place where I have practically learned the meaning of excellent quality dentistry. What really makes a true DOCTOR: responsibility, care toward the patient, medical thinking as a whole (we do not treat teeth, we treat patients) and the reliability of the works we perform.

Dr. Verdes is my third mother. On this occasion I want to thank Dr. Verdeş for everything she has taught me! I owe her a great deal of what I have professionally become! For you to understand how important these two professional mothers are to me, I confess that I made them a statue (literally). After graduating, I began treating my friends and acquaintances and, step by step, based on recommendations, I have had increasingly more and more patients.

Doctor Ingrid Pintilie

I worked as a doctor in Dr. Ingrid Pintilie’s medical practice as well. I am extremely grateful to her for the freedom she gave me during the 4 years I worked in her dental practice. Thank you, Dr. Ingrid Pintilie!

Profile Dent Clinic/ Doctor Dragos Slavescu

In 2009, I was given the opportunity to work 2 days per week at Profile Dent Clinic, Dr. Dragos Slavescu’s clinic. I was taught here to perform small dental surgeries (wisdom teeth extraction, apical resections, periodontal surgery, cystectomy, implantology, etc.). Thank you, doctor, for the experience I gained during the year when I worked by your side!

Militari Hospital / Doctor Sarbu

In 2009 I graduated from the course Competence in Implantology at Militari Hospital with Dr. Sârbu. In 2011, at the same time with the activity carried out at Dr. Ingrid Pintilie’s dental practice, I worked as an employed dentist at MY MOTHER’S clinic, Dr. Iustina Verdes.

Principles of life

Since 2012, I have been able to set up my own dental practice and I have started in my turn to form quality doctors.

I consider that I have received a great deal from the Universe and I want to pass along all that I have learned from others!


I respectfully wish you a wonderful life!

Dr. Sorin Gageanu

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