The day of 14th of August 2015 was a memorable day both for Artistic Dent members and for the people who joined us. Why? Because we have succeeded in implementing the first Artistic Green project, namely to bring back to light a beautiful camping area in Adunatii Copaceni.

So, young and old, with a smile on our faces (and hearts, obviously), we started creating a strategy for garbage collection, and for all concerned, it was not very few! How to proceed? Where to start? Which way should we go?

We agreed on the details: we were divided into teams of 2-3 people, we were properly equipped (resistant gloves and bags, of course we were also wearing the beautiful white caps with the Artistic Green logo) and we started the fun.

Waste (bottles, plastic, papers) was all over, as well in the areas of the trees and the so-called stone dumpsters,  dating back from the time of Ceausescu’s regime. We gathered our strength and courage and started collecting. Luckily enough, we were all in a good physical shape.

From the images, it is easy to note the significant quantity of waste ignored both by passers-by, as well as by the authorities that should ensure the cleanliness of this area. But, unfortunately, people’s mentality does not change so easily.

Through this action, we try to raise people’s awareness, make them widely open their eyes and look beyond the horizon line, in the same direction as we do. To provide appropriate education for children and to protect the one who does not cease to offer us everything that can be offered.

We fill a bag, we fill two bags… twenty-two bags … and the countdown continues. In all, 4 bags per person were collected. We all had a goal that we have managed to accomplish.

And so, step by step, the place begins to regain its former beauty. The waste is less, the green resumes its place in the landscape. It is getting clean!

The areas around the grill places are cleaned; the bags are gathered and assembled. The children are of great help. With the energy they transmit and their cheerfulness, you do not even need a break. Kali was our quicksilver that day.

A smile of spiritual content blossoms on everyone’s faces and the positive energy that we have accumulated – this is what we want to pass on to other people. Artistic Dent team greets you and is waiting for you at Artistic Green future projects.

As we can see from the pictures, the amount of waste has given us a little bit of headache, but many heping hands made our work lighter.

The last waste is placed into the bags. The last bendings over the plastics that were hardly removed from the ground. The last bottles gathered from the grass and the bushes. The last beads of sweat. And…

The action is heading towards the end. What do you think? It was a great pleasure for us to admire the beauty of the place. It seems like time stopped. In fact, almost everything stopped. Every thought, any movement… Only heartbeats and breaths could be heard. We finished! We succeeded!

Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile.” Wilfred Grenfell

We celebrated the event with the thought that our effort was clearly understood and with the hope that in the future many people will join us in the activities we want to carry out. You will do good both to the environment, to you as well as to your fellows.

Dr. Sorina Plitea

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