The moments that have now become memories have been painted in vivid colours. They have been tattooed in our memoirs, and now I’m sharing them with you in writing.

As usually happens, everything started from an idea: “Florin, do you know how beautiful the Lilac Forest is when it blooms in May? It’s near Bucharest, maybe we can get there at some point”. “Are you sure about that? It’s 350 km to Caras-Severin”. “Kind of far…” was the answer that day. But the following morning we had a 2-night booking at a cottage near Godeanu locality.

The days passed easily, and the time of departure came. Direction: Ponoarele. Stops: obviously enough as to enjoy the road. Greg Anderson said, “Focus on the trip, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it”. Said and done!

First important stop: Horezu, the village famous for its ceramics.


Walking through the multitude of clay pots, beautifully painted in a traditional way, our eyes were drawn by a boot, with our flag cord, and by mutual agreement, we decided to buy it. On the spot, we also thought about how it could help us.

We travelled for many kilometres with no traces of fatigue.

Second important stop: The city of the sculptor Constantin Brancusi (Targu Jiu)

After a great feast (we were all starving, even if we had already eaten before arriving at the inn – off topic, I think we all put about 2 more kilos, but who cares?), we admired the sculptures of the great master – the Infinite Column, the Kiss Gate and the Table of Silence. We captured all the moments in a few (fine, more) photos and left the city behind.

It got dark, we got lost, but managed to pull it together (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be telling you now). A wonderful cottage with a dream landscape! I think that’s the reason why sleep was so restful (not because we were very tired, but the mountain air has some sort of calming effect).

After breakfast, we headed for the Lilac Forest, about 30 km from where we were staying. Honestly, I would like to tell you that it was like a fairy tale, an explosion of colours and lilac perfume, but our reality was different. From the image that we created in our heads before getting there, nothing has remained, because everything was changed. Just a few blooming bushes lost at the entrance of the reservation. But, even though we did not have any lilac trees, we enjoyed the meadows of grass, healthy green, clear sky, trills of birds and flowers, many, many flowers – white, tender and delicate; lilac – bold and scented, blue, yellow and dandelions!

So we were full of the energy of the place and we stored all those beautiful pictures in our minds.

In the evening, we enjoyed some soup in cast-iron cauldron, we had good chefs, no less! We spent time telling stories, and then we fell sound asleep.

There was a rainy morning, a morning in which the lucky bootie was brought to life through our hard work (saved from the cold rainy drops due to a little umbrella, we all placed some land in the clay pot) and thanks to our skilful host, who offered to plant some clover for us, but not any kind of clover, but that lucky four-leaf clover (the scientific name being Oxalis Deppei).

It is said it brings good luck to the person cultivating it. Now the bootie stays quietly at the entrance of Artistic Dent clinic greeting you. We also welcome you and we are waiting for you to cross our threshold, whether you have a problem or you want to chat.

On our way back we went to Muierii Cave, but it was closed (it was clearly not the right time to visit on such rainy weather) and to Tismana Monastery, immersed in the silence of the Starmina Mountains. In those few minutes we spent to that holy place, we calmed down our mind and embalmed our souls with godliness. Let’s say that we have approached Divinity, speaking with Her in peace.

We spent really unforgettable moments with Artistic Dent family!

However we know that best moments include you as well.

You know our story. What’s yours?

Dr. Sorina Plitea

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