The National Day of Romania was celebrated in a great way by some of the sportsmen of Artistic Dent clinic, represented by me and Dr. Sorin. We participated in a beautiful and healthy race (the day was also beautiful – sunny, a bit cold in the morning that made our teeth chattering, but quite wonderful overall) 21 km organized in Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park. In fact, it was the 21.4 km session of the competition the Reunification of Romanian Nation Marathon 2016, 6th edition.

The cold welcoming us in the morning turned out to be quite beneficial. We felt its needles straping the skin of our extremities until our body took the decision to release the heat. We were caressed and urged by the rays of the sun not to stop running. During the course we felt the physical pain like bending our back, not letting us continue, being more stubborn as we were closer to the end of the race.

Do you know that feeling when you cannot do it anymore? What do you think? You force yourself just a little more, and if afterwards you cannot continue anymore, you will force yourself just a little longer and so on, until you finish what you have in mind. At least, we embraced this way of thinking and everything turned out perfect in the end. We overcame the barrier raised by our body – that physical pain and we finished the semimaraton race with a great time for both of us, excuse me, for “all three of us” – plus Tora, dr Sorin Gageanu’s bulldog, an active member of Artistic Sports team. Actually, and rightfully, she was the one who led the entire race and we followed her. I admit it! What was our finish time, you may ask yourself? I shall praise the finish time, even if you do not ask – 2 hours and 5 minutes, after just one month of training in the park – 2 running sessions/week. (P.S. It was not even a whole month, but it’s simpler to round it up).

# P.S.S. For those who are interested in running, for those who want to relax after a day of work by moving, for those who want to start a healthy life, you can find us every Wednesday night (after 19.00) in Tineretului Park or IOR Park (you can obtain all information by getting in touch with our clinic). #

Do you know that feeling when you cross the finish line after 2 hours of fighting with yourself, your mind, your will and your body? If you don’t know it, try it! Be curious! It’s one of the most beautiful, the most empowering feelings, motivating you to want more, improving yourself day after day and become better with every challenge.

The change in GOOD always starts with you!

Dr. Sorina Plitea

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