In theory, every 6 months, an “oral cleaning” is strongly recommended, in order to refresh this part of our body which is very important both medically and aesthetically. However, our clinic customizes this period of time according to the needs of each patient.

Oral hygiene

Each of us is responsible for his/her own health, taking into account the fact that dental hygiene is part of this responsibility.

What exactly does preventive oral treatment mean?

  • Prevention of your teeth’s decay.

How do we do that?

  • by regular visits to your dentist’s office
  • by appointments for regular professional oral hygiene which implies a thorough professional cleaning of your teeth

Teeth scaling without pain (professional oral hygiene) in ArtisticDent clinic

We are very careful and focused on our patients’ oral hygiene. This is the reason why, our clinic in equipped with a “brilliant” instrument, especially designed for your oral hygiene, which completes a high quality professional teeth scaling (removing the tartar from the teeth surface). Due to the last generation technology of our “brilliant” teeth scaling equipment, the level of pain is lower (teeth scaling without pain in most cases) as compared to other similar instruments existing on the market. Moreover, oral hygiene in our clinic consists not only of professional teeth scaling, but also consists of a series of five steps which are very important for achieving a quality preventive treatment. In addition to teeth scaling, the other four steps are as follows:

Air Flow procedure by which the remaining tartar, which could not be removed by the teeth scaling instrument, is eliminated by means of a high pressure water flow combined with a special substance, such as sodium bicarbonate, glycine or erythritol. According to the needs of each patient, a certain substance is used, which is active only on tooth, only under gum line, or both on tooth and under gum line. In addition to its mechanical cleaning effect, the airflow also provides an anti-inflammatory effect on gums.

Professional tooth brushing: a professional brushing of the dental surfaces (as a teeth polish) granting both dental shine and an unfavorable environment for food remains to adhere to the dental surface.

Professional fluoridation: strengthens the teeth due to the fact that it helps re-mineralizing the microscopic incipient caries

Presenting correct and efficient teeth brushing techniques customized for each patient + checkup whether patient has actually learned these techniques.

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