Ready! Steady! … GO!

My family accepted the challenge launched two months ago and took part in TWO race categories at OMV Petrom Half Marathon Bucharest namely POPULAR RACE (3.6 km) and SEMIMARATON (21.4 km).

One start! Thousands of participants! People of all ages, more or less trained! Hundreds of reasons to run! There were people who understood that health is maintained by practicing sports! What’s your excuse for not practicing any?

Before the tests, we met in front of the People’s House to get organized. Because I and Dr. Sorin were going to participate in the half-marathon test after the race of the others, we decided to warm-up and wait for them. Ehh! Their faces were telling us they felt quite emotional to participate for the first time in an organized competition, the desire to run alongside the other competitors and of course to finish the race. D.P.: “When I made the decision to participate, I did not think for one second about how I would feel afterwards. I just said YES and that was all! But surprise! I left the event full of energy, with a great feeling of well-being and with the thought that I will certainly repeat this experience”.

Emotions! Energy! Cheerfulness! Health through sports! Mutual support! Encouragement! This is how I see the recipe for an exciting Sunday with my spiritual family.

M.N. “I was impressed that, although I ran without much training, I had maximum energy for the entire day, and my state of mind was clearly in a very good balance. My conclusion and Vali’s conclusion: we will definitely practise more sports and we will participate in such competitions”.

Although it was the first contact with this kind of sport, they all did a great job. Dr. Sorin deserves all our congratulations because although he is a passionate cyclist, he said YES to this challenge and finished 21.4km race with an extraordinary finish time for someone with a minimum training in athletic field. “It’s a sport that does not really attract me. At any moment I will prefer cycling to athletics. I am very glad that I ran a semi, especially because I did this together with one of my families! I ran the way I learned cycling and it seemed I did a really good job! One man after another, I have finished the race! I am very proud of myself! “

The opinions at the end of the race were quite varied, some were motivated to continue running, others not to participate in such competitions: “It was nice today, I felt very good because I was with YOU. I did not like the fact that the whole event was for some to advertise themselves. That might be a reason not to go another time.” F.P.

All in all I think that cheerfulness, the positive energy gained after such an effort, the movement and the training of the mind make you become BETTER, HEALTHIER and see the world with different eyes. Do not waste your time in laziness! Go there and move!

Dr. Sorina Plitea

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