There was the end of the 8 days when four special young girls (Mihaela, Diana, Diana, Sorina) accompanied by two nice and bearded gentlemen (Florin and Sorin) wearing the entire treasure of the world in a wicker basket (and I mean no joke by saying treasure) wandering on the streets of Bucharest, offered a flower (I told you it is a sublime and delicate treasure), accompanied by a smile and a spring thought.

But here comes the surprise!

The gentlemen walking down the boulevard in our direction were the privileged ones. An amalgam of positive reactions: astonishment, thanks, joy … and, of course, sometimes, doubt, fear, disinterest. It’s quite normal, as it’s not easy for all of us to accept the vibrant energy around us.

The entire ARTISTIC DENT team has caught smiles for the passers-by and offered gentlemen a way to make a gift to their loved ones.

Keep on smiling! Give away as many times as you can (one minute of your free time is precious for someone you love)! Unconditional love! A serene spring to everyone!

Dr. Sorina Plitea

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