It’s been a while, I know. But only now, looking backwards, I put together several aspects and plucking up courage, I made a short interview with Dr. Sorin about the craziness and courage he showed this summer, namely: attaining an objective for 2015 – the Brussels – Malmö bicycle tour.

Doctor, where did this idea come from and did you pull this through?

If you really want something in life and your inner self tells you to do it, YOU SHOULD GO FOR IT!

That’s how I came up with the desire to go on a cycling holiday.Germania Financially there were some favourable events, leaving me with the option to spend it chaotically or to buy tickets to Rock Grasspop Festival. Looking at the map for the best way to get there, the ideas started flowing: neither Brussels nor Amsterdam nor Denmark could go about without being paid a visit. At that time, financial forecasts were not quite favourable to me, but I let the Universe work with me to make this tour become real.

Things started to move and that sparkle that I could really make this tour by bike became reality.

What did the Brussels-Malmö bicycle tour mean for you?

It meant a complete disconnection from my routine and all personal aspects (family, friends, clinic, etc.). Moreover, it meant an experience of initiation towards my inner-self, a profound acquaintance with the man Sorin Gageanu.

What were the life experiences that have broadened your knowledge horizon?

I cycled 1,386 kilometres during the Brussels-Malmö Tour 2015. I met a lot of extremely nice people. For a period of two weeks I lived in different civilization and good sense. I was really impressed by the care of foreigners for cyclists and by Western standards. No worries about the future, smiling people made me open my eyes on my own person and the values we cultivate.

What would you advise your colleagues, acquaintances and relatives after this beautiful journey?

Olanda-300x300I believe that the most important thing I have learned in this trip is that our well-being depends exclusively on us!
Being truly present in your life, living “in-the-now”, I think this is what HAPINESS is all about! If I were to give some advice after this experience, it would be: seize the moment and be present in your life. Be aware of what your inner-self tells you, listen to your desires, your dreams, your goals, without passing them through the “reality” filter.

I am sure 2016 will write a new page in your travel journal. What do you see it like?

Yes. I will definitely continue to go on such cycling holidays. I’ve already planned the next one: the Great Britain Tour: 32 days, just over 2,000 km, 3 planes and 5 ferries. Sweden, Poland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Wales, France. Put it shortly, a WONDERFUL route!

Besides this tour, I am also thinking about 3 similar projects: Amsterdam – Bucharest Tour, Tour of Europe from South to North (Gibraltar-Northern Norway) and PanAmerican from Alaska to Ushuaia (the southernmost city in Argentina).

I am really excited about spending time like this. Time passes away without coming back.

The whole Artistic Dent team wishes you to have as many wonderful and pleasant experiences as possible. To enrich your knowledge, accumulate as much positive energy and pass it along to all people who are interested and need it.

We wish you many cycling kilometres, Doctor!

I end up here this short interview looking forward to the start of Great Britain tour.

Dr. Sorina Plitea

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