”Healthy Smile” campaign – health education by returning to the roots

”All the secret in our lives is the archetype, the model. If you have good models we can shape ourselves too”, said Father Atanasie Stefanescu. Starting from these words, we have the power to change so many things in GOOD, making small, but sure steps. And it is best to be a model for your child, your grandson, or your pupil, according to the saying, “Strike while the iron is hot.”

Do you know how much you can give a little child in just 5 minutes of talking to him? You give him your time (which is so precious nowadays), a kind word and encouragement (many children lack parental affection), a piece of advice or more… and the reward is huge.

Because the educational system in Romania is based only on the accumulation of information (many of them will be forgotten in the next 2-3 years), without practically applying the knowledge accumulated in the school years and without pointing out the elementary things that make our life easier and healthier, we thought to take a small step in this direction,

How many of you have been taught to properly brush your teeth in secondary school/high school? How many of you have heard talking about the auxiliary means of dental hygiene (dental floss, mouthwash) during school classes? Have you attended a course on dental health? Then we should not be surprised that children, teenagers, or even adults have so many dental problems. Be honest, if you had known how to prevent caries, would you have applied (more or less) what you had learned? Would you have found yourself in this situation?

We have taken a small step in this direction: we have decided to share a series of information (rules of oral hygiene) and to practice together dental brushing with several groups of children, pupils from 0-4 grades of School no.1 from Plataresti village, within the “Healthy Smile” campaign. It does not matter where you are from, he education you receive is what matters!”, says Mihaela Sima, our hygiene-sanitary director, who came up with the wonderful idea to start with the primary school where she learned 10 years ago. Her return to the roots, among students and teachers, among the desks and corridors enlightened by the morning rays of the sun, awakened pleasant memories for her and she saw again people close to her heart, people who welcomed us with their open arms to their workplace. Simple people who can become POSITIVE MODELS for your children only if they want to cultivate altruism, trust and love.

She returned with a precise purpose to the place she left from, namely to teach others what she had learned, giving them the necessary information for a better future. How many of us are still coming back to the place they left behind? And above all to teach others what they have gained over time?

Full with positive emotions (the first action/campaign of this kind), with gifts for “the naughty ones” we started the presentation with an animated movie presenting the friends of beautiful teeth and what happens if they are neglected – dental problems (tartar, caries etc.) obviously! The children were captivated by what they saw, they asked questions, and had fun learning how to properly brush their teeth. They were attentive and receptive! They were delighted that someone was taking care of them teaching them something that IS NOT TAUGHT at school!

We won’t stop here! We will continue what we started, we will develop and we also invite you to actively participate in our actions! Be part of their FUTURE!

Based on this early education of children, our goal was that at least 5% of them apply what they have learned and pass along the information received to others. Thus, the next children will also learn, and the chain will continue, impossible to be interrupted. We want to change for the GOOD THE MENTALITY of future generations, we want to live in complete harmony with ourselves, with the people around us and with nature, we want to be a MODEL and we also want to make you a GOOD MODEL WORTH FOLLOWING for your child.

Dr. Sorina Plitea

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