If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” This is what Ignacio Estrada tells us, and that’s what we tried to do at the Gymnasium School #1 in Fundeni, Calarasi. Year after year, through our Healthy Smile Campaign, we hope to teach as many children as we can how to achieve a correct oral hygiene, how important it is and also to encourage them to pass on the lessons learned.

Since children love cartoons, we tried to familiarize them with oral hygiene and its importance through an educational film, and they were fascinated and even amused by what they saw on the screen. The next step was to teach them the correct brushing technique practically. We are aware of how much the Romanian educational system is missing the practical part of teaching, so we chose to go with each child to the bathroom and show them what to do at home. The children were attentive and receptive, followed our exact tips and hopefully, they will apply them in everyday life. Furthermore, we would rejoice if at least one of them passed on the information received, so little by little, more and more children or adults will brush their teeth correctly.

This experience has taught us adults how to enjoy even the smallest things in life and how to appreciate the effort of others. The teachers and pupils gave us a warm reception and our reward was to see the joy reflected on their faces.

Be wise like an old man, but see the world through the eyes of a child” – anonymous –

Asist. Ene Stefania

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