Turul Marii Britanii 2016

Starting from the premise that when you really want something, the entire universe is plotting to help you fulfil your wish, I was able to complete the second great cyclotourism project – the Great Britain Tour, and not alone, but together with one of my friends, Andrei Rozescu. I would have so much to tell, so much to share with you, to show you… So I shall start to share my joy and I really hope the energy I came back with and which I show every time I think of this tour will reach you (for those who are interested you can also follow us on our Facebook page The Great Britain Cycling Tour 2016 – where you can find the journal of our experience full with pictures and descriptions of our thoughts and actions).

It was more than I could have ever dreamed it would be! I lived more intensely than all my expectations! I went over difficult moments and obstacles thinking that everything would turn out just fine eventually … And so it was indeed! I cycled, I visited, I slept and I ate at so many new people (I would like to mention here that hosted some people last year through www. warmshowers.org – you are the best!), I socialized, I drank a lot of beer varieties (12% alcohol!); all in all, it was an unforgettable experience. The Brussels-Malmo 2015 Tour was the beginning of a wise way to spend a vacation, a holiday as you want to call it. Time spent at its 100% value and even more (mathematically I cannot say more, but spiritually it goes beyond that). In brief: 9 ferries, 3 airplanes, 2,400 cycling km, 21 hosts, 10 countries (Sweden, Poland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Isle of Man, England, Wales, Isle of Wight, France) and infinitely many unforgettable moments.

I experienced all kinds of days: rainy days, but full of energy; sunny and warm days that we made the most of cooling in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and simply lying on the beach; days when we would not cycle at all, taking the chance to get some physical relaxation and sightseeing, places, museums, cathedrals etc.; days when we repaired our bicycles; day after day … for a total of 36 days.

Our journey started on a summer afternoon, July 11th to be more precise, when we headed for Stockholm. We crossed the Baltic Sea by ferry and arrived in Poland. There were next Gdańsk and Aberdeen (Info point: Cairngorms National Park represents 1/5 of Scotland). Spectacular sceneries indeed!

We went along with Braemar, Perth, Glasgow, Troon, Cainrnrayen, Belfast, Termonfeckin, Dublin, Erin Harbour (Info point: we took the oldest tram in the world still functioning and we reached Snaefell Summit, the highest point on the entire territory of Isle of Men, and of course, we enjoyed a spectacular tour of the TT circuit), Manchester, Liverpool, Machynlleth, Abertysswg, Cardiff, Bath (when leaving the city we pass through a former railway tunnel that was converted into a bicycle trail – info point: it is one of the longest naturally ventilated tunnels (1.5Km), very beautiful lighting, and music here and there), Yeovil, Cheddar, Weymouth, Durdle Door (Info point – The Tank Museum in Bovington is the most fascinating tank museum in the world), Bornemouth, Lymington, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, St. Malo, Mont St. Michel, Avranches, Caen, Rouen and we finished the tour in Beauvais.

36 days spent together…created a true FRIENDSHIP between us!

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Autori: Dr. Sorin Gageanu and Andrei Rozescu
Editor: Dr. Sorina Plitea

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