It’s approaching very fast….What? Spring cleaning, of course.


Because last year experience filled us exclusively with positive vibrations and good mood, we want you this spring to join us to make a GREAT DEAL OF GOOD to nature, to energize yourself and make new acquaintances.

GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND DO SOMETHING USEFUL, WORTH FOLLOWING! Give a positive example to your children, your friends, your acquaintances. Therefore, give an example that is worth following – “THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE!” Do not lock yourself in the cage of indifference. Open your wings and heart. It’s time for a change in your attitude!

Trees encumbered by a lot of HOUSEHOLD WASTE are not to blame for their present state, nor can they take care of themselves. Only with our help they can get rid of the weight of household waste, they will be able to breathe again and procure us the oxygen, our vital source. We should let nature get green in a beautiful way, let’s start building a CIVILIZED CITY. With patience and perseverance we can civilize those around us.

Do I still have to convince you? This volunteering action, besides the multiple benefits it brings you, has another great PLUS: you MOVE, which we all know means HEALTH AND WELLNESS!


We shall meet on May 7, 2016, at 11:00, at the intersection of Oltenita Road and Bucharest Ring Road. We shall bring all the necessary materials; you should come with your close friends and lots of positive energy.

Our long-awaited event has come to an end.

In what way? In a great way, obviously! Early in the morning properly equipped, we all met (our team, friends, patients, friends of patients … in two words = beautiful people) at the chosen location, that is the intersection of Sos. Oltenita with Bucharest Ring Road. And as somebody would have wanted to test our will and the thirst of doing something WORTH FOLLOWING, we had a BIG surprise: plants seem to have made their own and grew like crazy, hindering our access and visibility. What else do you want more?

Thoughts, calculations, ideas … walking back and forth … But the Universe did not leave us, giving us a positive answer because we believed in our purpose (when we want to do SOMETHING USEFUL, let’s do it, overcoming all obstacles met on the way).

Thus, in agreement with the ENTIRE TEAM, we decided to head to a forest located on Giurgiului road, between the localities of Jilava and 1 December. We wholeheartedly wanted to do something GOOD and we succeeded!

Equipped with gloves, bags and self-confidence, we removed the waste – plastic, textile materials, bottles, etc., making clear clean a significant portion of that place. Looking at the photos in the album you will notice a more “colourful” one with multiple carpules and anaesthesia needles, attention, used in the dental practice! Really?!? So, is this Romania of 2016? We can change it! We will change it into something GOOD! (Get involved, nothing is hard or impossible!) Passing through our hands, this place has visibly turned out to be a WONDERFUL LOCATION (I think this was not by chance to choose the new location).

Are you familiar with the saying “Many hands make light work!”? And do you know its result when applying it in life? If not, we shall show it to you by the pictures taken on-site, which of course speak for themselves.

We have made the first step toward a more beautiful world.

We know the children had something to learn! … they have learned to become BETTER, MORE OPEN to what is happening around them, MORE RESPONSIBLE for their actions, to respect nature, as we have learned from someone and at their turn they will teach others. They are the FUTURE!

 “Be the change that you wish to see in the world! ” was the motto of the event, highlighting the importance of your involvement in achieving your desires, perhaps your dreams, as well as the mentality of your acquaintances.

Doing little things, but good things, you can improve your well-being and implicitly of the persons around you. Donate something GOOD and you will receive a thousand GOOD things at the right time.

Dr. Sorina Plitea

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