When you do something wholeheartedly, the result is amazing. And when you have wonderful people around you, then everything becomes a dream come true! Our campaign was brought to life by the involvement of the clinic and of the people who understood that change lies in their hands.

The motto chosen for this ecological campaign describes the best the action in itself, which took place on a beautiful Saturday day: “You can’t leave footprints in the sand of time sitting down!”Nelson Rockefeller. Thus we have gathered a handful of people willing to improve, to take a step for our good, for the good of those around us, of the locality, of Romania. I think that by the power of the example we can change many things both mentally and physically.

500 locust trees have been replanted in the area of Tartasesti locality, with the aim of creating a forest curtain that will stop the snowdrift on the national road in that area (DN7). These seedlings come from the town of Jimbolia, and we were entrusted with transplanting them in the area approved by CNADR. Thank you MarConstruct for thinking of offering a second “home” to these trees, thus supporting us in our forestration campaign.

Arrived on site, we formed 3 groups, each with its portion of land for planting locust seedlings. Said and done! ”Armed” with spades (a thousand thanks to Luana’s Dream Foundation for the support), gloves, positive thoughts and energy, we started the proper planting: one hole for one seedling. We have observed the planting instructions given by the CNADR representatives, we overcame ourselves by digging those holes (we have encountered sandstone, brick layers etc.) – a hard and quite demanding work. Here and there we have also gathered plastic bags, bags thrown away randomly, in one word we made the cleaning of the area – two in one! A plus for us!

Another important bonus – the ecological education lesson for the little ones. They learned how to plant a seedling, dig up holes, they challenged themselves in competition and they achieved wonderful things. Sometimes they will remember what they have achieved, and maybe in their turn, they will organize such campaigns. The future lies in their hands!

Finally, after work a reward is welcomed… a “digestive” reward; we relaxed at Vlasia Inn, sharing opinions and future ideas for other campaigns that will take place with the help of those around us. All in all it was WONDERFUL!

The feedback we received has filled us with confidence and hope for the future: Thank you Dr Sorin for the wonderful opportunity to make a GREAT DEAL OF GOOD to Romania, to the planet, to ourselves…! We had a GREAT organization, excellent tools (spades), a generous team full of energy and cheerfulness! We planted in Area 2 about 60 locust trees in a group of 10 people and I feel wonderful thinking how the place will look like 5 years, 10 years from now… I am looking forward with maximum interest to the next mission proposed by Artistic Dent! Congratulations and … every time even better! ” Mrs Udrescu wrote us on our facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ArtisticDent/

P.S. Be there near us for the future campaigns! Give yourself the chance to DO GOOD! You deserve it!

I’m challenging you for GOOD DEEDS!

Dr. Sorina Plitea

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