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Here, at ArtisticDent, we offer you dentistry services at the highest standards because we invest in equipment, experts and we do not get distracted from our vision, focused on quality.


  • Modern and friendly center that offers best quality dental services at competitive prices.

  • Young and positive thinking team, formed of specialist dentists, who shall be at your disposal offering you complete medical services, at the highest quality standards and who are permanently assisted by polite and very well professionally trained medical assistants.

  • Why not enjoy oral health and beauty while having the best conditions? Forget about everything you knew about dentistry treatments and learn how to smile confidently with ArtisticDent!



Our team includes specialists in all stomatology branches:

  • general dentistry

  • dental implantology

  • aesthetic dentistry

  • paedodontics

  • orthodontics

  • endodontics

  • oral hygiene


ArtisticDent is a modern and friendly center where you are treated with care and professionalism each and every time and you benefit from stomatologic prosthetics guaranteed for a period of at least 10 years.

Have you ever thought you could go to a dental surgery clinic as joyful and relaxed as you go to a SPA center, or to a beauty center? Have you ever related stomatology only with health, beauty and care, but never with pain and high fees? From now on, you can add a dental surgery clinic on the list of the places where you can always go joyfully.

Here, at ArtisticDent, we offer you, without exception, dentistry services at the highest standards because we invest in equipment, experts and we do not get distracted from our vision, as we focused on quality. Our technology and equipment, our materials and our disposables are last generation dental supply and products, premium range technology. All our treatments are carried out after using anesthetics, and therefore the patient shall feel neither pain nor discomfort.





Why do I go to Dr. Gageanu’s Artistic Dent?! Because the works are guaranteed for 10 years? For extreme perfection? Because I fell asleep during the session? All of them have their contribution, but the most important aspects are the seriousness and attention with which Dr. Gageanu treats each patient!
Alexandru B.
I have been enjoying the Artistic Dent services for over 2 years. I can say they have provided me with superior services, in a pleasant atmosphere meant to relax you after a day of work :). The doctors here are passionate about what they are doing and looking for every customer to be satisfied. Thank you, Artistic Dent!
Raluca T.
The loss, lack of teeth has not only caused me physical pain but also mental. I was starting to avoid going out with friends, I was avoiding the newly acquainted people. Confidence, self-esteem was significantly reduced. I’m only 26 years old and I’m just starting to learn how it is to smile and laugh.”
Mihaela A.


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