Because prevention is better and cheaper than cure, visits to the paediatric dentist are preferable to be done for prophylactic purposes.

Even at young age (2 years and 6 months), parents should be advised to bring their children to a dental consultation because this is the age of completion of temporary teeth eruption. The control of milk teeth is extremely important, as they can influence the health of the permanent teeth.

Ideally, the first visit is to accommodate the child with the pedodontist and the dental practice, not for the the emergency treatment of a dental problem.

During the first visit to the dental practice, the paediatric dentist (pedodontist) shows the little one the dental instruments and explains as to be easy for him to understand how we can ”play” with each of them. We shall create a little game in which the child plays the doctor and consults a doll sitting on the dental chair, and the doctor will play the nurse in order to co-ordinate the game. At the end of this game the child will sit alone on the chair without any problems. Careful examination of milk and/or permanent teeth will then be performed, followed by the identification of dental problems and checking the teeth alignment.

At the end of the adjustment session, the little patient will be rewarded for the courage he has shown. We want him to leave the dental practice bearing in mind a positive experience and a big smile on his/her face.

After the consult, we shall prepare a personalized treatment plan for each child. You will be given advice and recommendation on oral care. Your dentist will give you information on the stages of teeth development, vicious habits that can affect oral health (sucking your finger, open mouth breathing, teeth grinding, etc.), diet and with regard to prevention of dental conditions, dental seals and fluoridation.

Dental problems in children take different forms: from simple caries to dental misalignment. Undiscovered and untreated on time, these problems influence the child’s permanent teeth.

It is recommended to visit the dental practice twice a year to monitor the evolution of milk/permanent teeth and to prevent tooth decay, thus increasing the child’s confidence and comfort during visits at the dentist.

We want to gain your child’s confidence step by step, rather than permanently losing him from his/her first visit because of dental pain. This will not be a beneficial way to meet his/her dentist for the first time. We want the dentist to be your child’s friend and not a “scarecrow”.

We care about your child’s teeth and we want to be “best child-friendly dental clinic” for your baby as well.

Dr. Irina Grancea (Mitrofan)

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