Sodexo – Cadou Pass – A new way to pay for dental treatments


The Artistic Dent dental clinic will make your life more beautiful, giving you the opportunity to use Sodexo gift vouchers. Every day, we diversify and think about new ways of paying so you can choose the right solution for your needs. Through the collaboration of our clinic with Sodexo Romania, you benefit from a simple and efficient payment method. Thus, you can pay with Sodexo gift vouchers for any dental interventions, starting from the primary dental consultation and reaching to complex dental treatments. Our team of dentists specializing in all branches of dental medicine is waiting for you to [...]

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Books, conversations and dental discount


"When you have read a book for the first time, you get to know a friend; read it for a second time and you meet an old friend." (Chinese Proverb) Books are our silent friends! And our library hosts them in a dream setting. It can also share you a small secret, only if you are eager for knowledge: it offers a 5% discount for all restorative and hygiene odontotherapy treatments you will undergo in our clinic, only after reading the book you have chosen and discuss it with one of the members of the Artistic Dent family. As [...]

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Recall means less


Indeed, recall hygienization means less if it is performed on time. Observing the dental hygiene calendar in order to combat tartar and bacterial plaque will save you from long and painful sessions, less discomfort and less to pay, even 20% less than on your first hygiene session! If you are anxious to visit us earlier than needed (the Artistic Dent clinic doctors announce at the end of each dental hygiene session when the recall is going to be done) and you call in advance, you will be rewarded for your consciousness and care for oral health =>hygienization session will [...]

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Offer for Straumann dental implant


People use to say “Don’t count your chicken until they hatch.” We, at the ArtisticDent clinic will say that autumn includes discounts on Straumann dental implants. How? Between September 15th, 2016 and November 15th, 2016, for at least two Straumann premium dental implants in the same session you will receive a substantial EUR 100 discount from the price of the previously inserted premium implant. P.S.: more than 10% of the initial total value of the Straumann implants will return to your pocket. WHY STRAUMANN DENTAL IMPLANTS? - they rank first in the top of the best premium dental implants, [...]

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Winter promotion for fixed dental appliances


Promotion! Now braces are more accessible! If you know you need an orthodontic device, you can take advantage of our promotional offer. Pay for your braces in December 2015 or January 2016 and get a 15% discount on any fixed braces. The braces can be paid during this time and can be mounted later when necessary. PROMOTION! SOLD OUT Fixed ceramic braces with metallic slot/arcade 5,500.00 lei 4,675.00 lei PROMOTION! SOLD OUT Fixed ceramic braces /arcade 5,000.00 lei 4,250.00 lei PROMOTION! SOLD OUT Metallic fixed braces /arcade 4,000.00 lei 3,400.00 lei [...]

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Gift from us for your health


From the series "Did you know?”: – the tooth is a living organ, full of nerves and irrigated by blood vessels, and just like the heart, skin, lungs, kidneys, etc. are organs. It is also recommended to maintain dental health for maximum functioning of the entire body. – the tooth is our most mineralized organ. On the enamel (for those interested, its hardness is similar to diamond), bacteria adhere very easily and quickly. These bacterial deposits then undergo a mineralization process and turn into dental plaque. Periodic checks and cleaning are recommended to completely remove the causes that cause [...]

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You shall receive gifts if you ride your bike


Because we are a clinic that gives great value not only to oral health, but also to the health of the entire body, we have thought of a small gift for you: Artistic Green will pay you the 5% difference for the dental treatment on the day of your appointment, only if you come on a bicycle and you must wear a helmet. "Why?" you may be asking yourself... First of all because you chose not to pollute by using the bike and secondly because you make a change in your everyday routine. Increasing muscular tone and the [...]

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In summer you count the degrees in discounts


Summer, scorching sun and a well-deserved vacation. And yet, you have not yet found out? The August trend is a beautiful white smile, waiting to be taken in the baggage and worn non-stop. It matches any pair of sandals, highlights the colour of your lips and is a magnet for a good mood. The world will envy you! For everything to be perfect, we offer a discount on the price of professional cleaning, depending on how many degrees are at the time of the intervention. A burning summer and fewer degrees in glasses! Make an [...]

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StarBT – Financial solutions for the payment of dental treatments


DENTAL TREATMENTS PAID BY FIXED INSTALLMENTS, INTEREST FREE! Due to the fact that ArtisticDent decided to become more than just a classic dental clinic, we would like to present to you a new step for the loyal patients, our collaboration with Transilvania Bank. You may find flexible ways of payment at our clinic: cash, credit card or bank transfer. You may now benefit by a new way of payment, due to the partnership between ArtisticDent Clinic and Transilvania Bank: 6 fixed installments, interest free. ArtisticDent Clinic now offers you a new opportunity, for your dental health and dental esthetics. [...]

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Artistic Dent SPECIAL II Campaign


ArtistcDent Clinic was established with a very clear motto: PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY and JOY of coming to the dentist’s office We would like to start by thanking those who had faith in us and in our dear project, Artistic Dent Clinic. Some of you, those who purchased the customized packages, already started benefiting by the pre-paid treatments, in Artistic Dent Clinic. Perfectionists and demanding with ourselves, as we are in all domains, but especially when it comes to our vision and definition of business, we invested 100% of both our creative and work efforts, and our financial efforts in Artistic [...]

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