Oro-dental trauma


Oro-dental traumas are unpleasant events that affect an increasing number of people each year. They occur mainly in the upper frontal teeth as the result of not serious traffic accidents, after assault with blunt objects, and as it merely affects the female gender, they may also be caused by domestic accidents or fainting because of nutritional deficiency. What it should be done in case of such an event: First of all, women should not do certain household chores that would involve intense or hard physical effort requiring climbing on chairs, tables, stairs, etc. when they are alone at home. [...]

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Dental bone addition


On the occasion of this article I want to address those of you who have been told at some point that you lacked sufficient bone for a dental implant to be applied in that region. In addition to dental extractions, there are several other reasons why you have lost significant bone volume. I shall mention some of them: Acute, aggressive infections of the tooth in question; Untreated chronic dental infections; Inadvertent and/or aggressive extractions, without paying attention to the adjacent alveolar bone (iatrogen); Accidental traumas; Post-extraction long-term etc. Whatever the reason may have been, at this point, in the [...]

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