Regular Dental Check-ups: Importance and Utility


Why are regular dental check-ups recommended? I consider there are two main reasons: We are healthier, on the long run It costs much less, on the long run As you well know, there are very few people who never get to a dental office with a problem (emergency-pain, swelling, loose tooth, etc.). Besides these dental emergencies there are also other functional problems: mastication, phonation, aesthetics, etc. The conclusion is that whether WE WANT IT OR NOT we shall get eventually into the dental practice. Hopefully this article will show you that it is much better to go to the [...]

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Dental Sensitivity – Causes and Solutions


Dental sensitivity or sensitive teeth Dental sensitivity can affect one or more teeth and its onset is sudden, the pain can be sharp and it can radiate to the entire tooth. The factors causing pain can be of a physical or chemical nature, and so we shall experience teeth sensitive to cold, hot, sweet or upon touch. The mechanism by which it occurs is simple. For the teeth sensitivity to exist, the stimuli that produce it must have direct contact with the tooth dentine. Dentine is a part of the tooth that normally at the crown level (the part [...]

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Dental brushing


Why do we have to brush our teeth? Dental brushing is something that should not be missing from our daily routine. The mouth of each person is a septic environment, namely an environment containing microorganisms. These microorganisms are mainly represented by bacteria that feed from sugars from our diet and secrete certain substances harmful to teeth and gums. Teeth are covered with dental enamel at the coronary level (the visible part in the mouth of the tooth). Unfortunately, the enamel is very sensitive to acidic environment, that is, it dissolves into the acidic environment. Bacteria are stuck on it [...]

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