Healthy Smile Campaign #2 2018


“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” This is what Ignacio Estrada tells us, and that's what we tried to do at the Gymnasium School #1 in Fundeni, Calarasi. Year after year, through our Healthy Smile Campaign, we hope to teach as many children as we can how to achieve a correct oral hygiene, how important it is and also to encourage them to pass on the lessons learned. Since children love cartoons, we tried to familiarize them with oral hygiene and its importance through [...]

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For a step forward, come with us and make it green! #2 2017


“You can't leave footprints in the sands of time while sitting down”, Nelson Rockefeller It's the motto that guides us every day, for every action we want to carry through. Thus, driven by the desire to do GOOD to nature and the environment, we continued the tradition started last year namely the creation of forest curtains. They have the role of stopping snow-drifts on certain parts of the road and thus facilitating road traffic in difficult weather conditions. „Many hands make light work!” We joined our forces with #REZIST movement, with our friends, our patients and [...]

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Get out of the house and do something WORTH FOLLOWING! #2 2017


Continuing the tradition started two years before, greening of certain areas in Bucharest and its surroundings, this year we chose to compete with garbage on Bucharest Ring Road and because we are such a small family we need to unite forces with you for a real success. We know that we are leading a fight against a powerful enemy, it's difficult and ... we are making small steps, but WE WANT a clean environment and to achieve our goal WE SHALL CONTINUE. We see around us many irregularities that we could stop, but we pass next to them, leaving [...]

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Angel for a day – Lyoness Child & Family Foundation


Be the angel that is needed: A protecting and loving angel for your family; A model angel for your friends and the people close to you; A generous angel for the people around you to give them unconditional support. On 26.11.2016, we enjoyed the visit of the little children from the centre of SOS Children's Villages alongside with Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and it was a wonderful experience, full of emotions and positive vibes. We gave them a part of our time, we showed them our world, the world of dentists, and [...]

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The reunification of Romanian Nation Marathon 2016


The National Day of Romania was celebrated in a great way by some of the sportsmen of Artistic Dent clinic, represented by me and Dr. Sorin. We participated in a beautiful and healthy race (the day was also beautiful - sunny, a bit cold in the morning that made our teeth chattering, but quite wonderful overall) 21 km organized in Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park. In fact, it was the 21.4 km session of the competition the Reunification of Romanian Nation Marathon 2016, 6th edition. The cold welcoming us in the morning turned out to be quite [...]

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For a step forward come with us and make it green!


When you do something wholeheartedly, the result is amazing. And when you have wonderful people around you, then everything becomes a dream come true! Our campaign was brought to life by the involvement of the clinic and of the people who understood that change lies in their hands. The motto chosen for this ecological campaign describes the best the action in itself, which took place on a beautiful Saturday day: "You can't leave footprints in the sand of time sitting down!”Nelson Rockefeller. Thus we have gathered a handful of people willing to improve, [...]

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“Healthy Smile” Campaign


”Healthy Smile” campaign – health education by returning to the roots ”All the secret in our lives is the archetype, the model. If you have good models we can shape ourselves too”, said Father Atanasie Stefanescu. Starting from these words, we have the power to change so many things in GOOD, making small, but sure steps. And it is best to be a model for your child, your grandson, or your pupil, according to the saying, "Strike while the iron is hot." Do you know how much you can give a little child in just 5 [...]

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The story of the Lilac Forest and the Lucky Bootie


The moments that have now become memories have been painted in vivid colours. They have been tattooed in our memoirs, and now I’m sharing them with you in writing. As usually happens, everything started from an idea: "Florin, do you know how beautiful the Lilac Forest is when it blooms in May? It's near Bucharest, maybe we can get there at some point”. "Are you sure about that? It's 350 km to Caras-Severin”. “Kind of far..." was the answer that day. But the following morning we had a 2-night booking at a cottage near Godeanu locality. The days passed easily, [...]

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OMV Petrom Bucharest HALF MARATHON 2016


Ready! Steady! ... GO! My family accepted the challenge launched two months ago and took part in TWO race categories at OMV Petrom Half Marathon Bucharest namely POPULAR RACE (3.6 km) and SEMIMARATON (21.4 km). One start! Thousands of participants! People of all ages, more or less trained! Hundreds of reasons to run! There were people who understood that health is maintained by practicing sports! What’s your excuse for not practicing any? Before the tests, we met in front of the People's House to get organized. Because I and Dr. Sorin were going [...]

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Get out of the house and do something worth following!


It’s approaching very fast....What? Spring cleaning, of course. Because last year experience filled us exclusively with positive vibrations and good mood, we want you this spring to join us to make a GREAT DEAL OF GOOD to nature, to energize yourself and make new acquaintances. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND DO SOMETHING USEFUL, WORTH FOLLOWING! Give a positive example to your children, your friends, your acquaintances. Therefore, give an example that is worth following - "THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE!" Do not lock yourself in the cage of indifference. Open your wings and heart. [...]

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