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Ceramic fused to metal crown


Just as a full ceramic crown is the most recommended choice for replacing the non-functional tooth of the central area, the dentists of Artistic Dent Clinic recommend ceramic fused to metal crowns for the lateral area; a porcelain tooth on a firm metal structure. This type of crown is the most resistant to the forces applied, and its resistance is provided by the metal frame on which dental ceramic is applied. Make an appointment now!

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Bone addition


Bone addition or bone implant is that oral surgical procedure that has the purpose to create a recipient bone bed for a dental implant. There are increasingly more and more cases in which a dental implant cannot be inserted in that area because of the absence of sufficient bone volume to receive the diameter and length of the dental implant. Bone additions can be performed at the same time as inserting the implant (when a small amount of bone is missing) or as a stand-alone procedure that will be followed, after a 4-12 months healing period, by the insertion of [...]

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Teeth whitening in the dental practice


We all want to have beautiful, white, clean teeth, lacking any undesired spots. The doctors of our clinic perform a certain type of painless dental whitening in the dental practice with unexaggerated results making the teeth look beautiful and natural at the same time. This dental whitening technique consists in applying a bi-component hydrogen peroxide substance that is activated right away and does not require any ultraviolet light, which enhances the patient's comfort. Application is made only on external visible surfaces. In our clinic, if a patient requires dental whitening, the doctor decides whether it's necessary or not, considering a [...]

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Preventive oral treatment


In theory, every 6 months, an “oral cleaning” is strongly recommended, in order to refresh this part of our body which is very important both medically and aesthetically. However, our clinic customizes this period of time according to the needs of each patient. Oral hygiene Each of us is responsible for his/her own health, taking into account the fact that dental hygiene is part of this responsibility. What exactly does preventive oral treatment mean? Prevention of your teeth’s decay. How do we do that? by regular visits to your dentist’s office by appointments for regular professional oral [...]

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Oral rehabilitations – complex clinical cases


The doctors of dental medicine in our clinic are very proud about completing a large number of clinical cases; the results where as expected and predicted. Oral rehabilitation represents a complex dental treatment, previously thoroughly judged, unique and customized for each patient individually. Make an appointment now!

Oral rehabilitations – complex clinical cases2020-03-17T23:06:01+02:00

Whitening of non-vital teeth


Does a non-vital tooth, meaning that “its nerve has been removed”, create any trouble? Are you bothered by the difference in color between your teeth and the non-vital ones? If our answer is affirmative, Artistic Dent clinic suggests the following solution: the internal whitening of the non-vital teeth! Thus, your problem has already been solved! Read more: Whitening of non-vital teeth Make an appointment now!

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Full ceramic crown


Sometimes, when the life of a tooth comes to an end, from the functional and aesthetic points of view, the best solution for restoring its functionality and esthetics is rebuilding it by means of a full ceramic crown; this the most aesthetic artificial dental prosthesis and closest to the natural tooth. Make an appointment now!

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Straumann implants


Along with the evolution of society, many alternatives have occurred for teeth tending toward perfection. Among these alternatives we can refer to the dental implant, which now solves cases that otherwise were impossible to solve, allowing restoration of the natural tooth function to over 90%. For Swiss quality, as well as for a long duration of your work, the doctors of our clinic recommend premium dental implants Straumann, as this is considered the number one implant in the world. With an experience of over 700 Straumann implants inserted and prosthetized over the last 10 years at Artistic [...]

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Front teeth fillings


A beautiful and natural smile means first of all healthy teeth and afterwards beautiful teeth. We all want to have a nice smile! When we smile, our natural teeth - incisors and canines - are the most exposed to the persons around us. That’s why we have to make sure they are beautiful, but more particularly healthy. In our clinic, the price for a front tooth filling, popularly said of a front teeth inlay, is higher compared to the average price in the market in Romania, but we guarantee high quality and aesthetics. You should come and see for yourself! [...]

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