Positive energy gained after a workout/competition, moving and training our mind makes us better, healthier and look at the world with different eyes. Don’t waste your time in laziness! Get out there and move it!


We are unique! We combine our passion for health and sports (boxing, cycling, running) with our profession, dental practitioners. We are cycling dentists, boxing dentists and running dentists. Where have you ever seen a dentist who also owns a boxing gym in the same dental office? Doctors Sorin Găgeanu and Florin Popastate train each Monday evening in the boxing gym at the dental clinic Artistic Dent under the guidance of coach Sorin Popa.

Therefore, we made the choice to train our mind and body. We choose to be HEALTHY! We choose to educate ourselves through sports, to lead an active life and to push our limits every day.

We choose to tone our body, increase its immunity and effort endurance; we choose to deal with stress and to combat fatigue by daily/weekly exercise.

What`s your excuse for not doing yourself a great DEAL OF GOOD? Be ACTIVE!

We understand the passion for sports, we get involved in various competitions and we further transmit to our patients the care for physical and mental health.

  1. OMV Bucharest Half Marathon 2016
  2. The Reunification of Romanian Nation Marathon 2016
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