Riding a bike makes you healthier and happier!

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race” H.G. Wells

What is Artistic Bike?

Many of our patients may have misunderstood the idea of Artistic Bike concept, believing it was just about riding a bike. Well, in our vision, besides a normal healthy life, it also means a sport-cultural life. It represents a source of both physical and mental health, which has its source in muscular development, increase of cardiac activity, stress reduction and much more. In addition, we are talking here about reducing travel costs, reducing time spent on crowded roads, reducing pollution. Reductions over reductions! Why not take advantage of them?

Besides all these aspects of using the bike in everyday life, cycling tourism has become a great way to enrich our cultural knowledge base, to socialize with different people and to capture the essence of the places visited.

Along with our continuous development, we are confident that in the future we will form our own cycling tourism team to travel both in Romania and abroad.

Let’s live! Let’s vibrate with nature! Let’s be one with the weather! Let’s be happy!

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