Be the angel that is needed:
A protecting and loving angel for your family;
A model angel for your friends and the people close to you;
A generous angel for the people around you to give them unconditional support.


On 26.11.2016, we enjoyed the visit of the little children from the centre of SOS Children’s Villages alongside with Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and it was a wonderful experience, full of emotions and positive vibes.

We gave them a part of our time, we showed them our world, the world of dentists, and let them dream, because any dream can come true if they really want.

The children’s day began with the brothers Burca, Mihai and Iulia, who took them in the magical world of fairy tales and stories with fairy tale beauties and Prince Charming and who charmed them through the musical notes of the piano and the gentle and tender voice. The cheerful songs echoed in every corner, making the shier children join the newly formed choir.

Then it took place the oral hygiene lesson by which they understood the rules of proper tooth brushing, they put into practice what they had learned in the dental practice, and of course they competed each other for the most correct tooth brushing. There were a lot of questions asked, the attention given to each of them in particular and the good mood. Dental brushing can even be fun!

Our physiotherapist, Cristian, explained them the importance of adopting a correct posture at school, showing them by example the damaging effects of non-compliance. The education lesson offered by Cristian was well received by everyone, both children and adults. (I promise to teach myself every day!)

Dr. Sorin Gageanu and his friend, Andrei Rozescu, concluded the “journey” of the children with a super presentation of the Great Britain Cyclotourism Tour, which took place last summer. They showed them in just 5 minutes a new world and a new way of life. They let them dream, make them want getting as high and as far away as possible in life. To be the masters of waters, of the wind and of the Earth, to be immovable in their desire to fulfill their dreams.

In the end, the representatives of Lyoness Child Foundation shared them gifts, making everyone smiling (that kind of contagious, ear-to-ear smile).

We helped, we gave away and we fulfilled ourselves emotionally. It was the most energetic day we have ever had! Let’s give away – of our time, our love, a gentle thought, or whatever you think might help the persons around us!

I give you these lines and I hope you will follow my advice: ”Give away with all your heart!”

P.S. All photos were made by Group Glamour

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