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Project Description


Anaesthesia 30 RON
Monoradicular tooth extraction 185 RON
Pluriradicular tooth extraction degree 1 220 RON
Pluriradicular tooth extraction degree 2 290 RON
Extractions M3 completely erupted 290 RON
Extractions M3 semi-included 435 RON
Extractions C, PM, M3 included 635 RON
Premolarization 520 RON
Extraction of temporary teeth 140 RON
Pericoronitis with operculectomy 140 RON
Gingivectomy 75 RON
Cystectomy 635 RON
Apical resection degree 1 635 RON
Apical resection degree 2 750 RON
Fixed gum elongation 175 EURO
Maxillar/Mandible Frenectomy 290 RON
Implant operculectomy 115 RON
Discovery and anchoring (in orthodontic purpose) of included teeth 750 RON
Apex adjustment 230 EURO-345 EURO
Mini implant 550 RON
Annealing bone for orthodontic purposes (anesthesia included) 635 RON
Abcess surgical drainage with anaesthesia 145 RON


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